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The Characteristics

Barolo Fontanafredda

Serralunga d'Alba

The Characteristics

The Fontanafredda’s Barolo wine from Serralunga d'Alba is produced 100% with Nebbiolo grapes coming from a selection of vineyards located in the territory of the municipality of Serralunga d'Alba, partly owned by the company and partly by farmers who traditionally sell their grapes to Fontanafredda. Such vineyards are situated on medium-to-high hills (300-500 m altitude) with South and South-Westexposure. Their average production is of 45 hl/ha (4,500 litres every10,000 m²).

Fermentation, according to tradition, occurs at a controlled temperature of 32-33°C in stainless steel vats with floating top; it lasts at least 20 days, with frequent remounts (liquid spilled from bottom and pumped onto the top of the fermenting mass) in order to optimize extraction of colour and tannins. Then the wine is refined over two years, the first one in oak barriques (30% new ones) and subsequently in 2000-liter oak barrels. The wine is then bottled for a further refinement, whose duration varies as a function of the characteristics of the vintage (year), but which is never shorter than 12 months. The colour of the wine is ruby red with dark red reflexes. The fragrance is sharp and intense, with scents of vanilla, spices, withered rose and underbrush

The taste is dry but soft, full, velvety and harmonious, persistent for a long time. Alcoholic strength: 13.5% vol. Recommended serving temperature: 17-18°C. The apex of finesse is achieved after 8-10 years since grape harvest; but afterwards it varies in duration, even considerably, depending on the vintage.


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