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The Wines Lines

The Wines Lines

The production of red and white wines is organized into three lines, on the basis - with certain exceptions – of geographical origin and production volumes.

The largest is the “Classic” range. These are DOC and DOCG wines produced using the latest wine-making techniques, with the guarantee each year of consistent quality that comes from vinifying together grapes grown on vineyards with different charatteristics in terms of position, soil and climate conditions. This is the winery’s best known range of wines, true icon of Fontanafredda’s brand in Italy and in the world.

The “Stripes” line, on the other hand, represents a more limited production. The range includes some wines labeled with the name of the village where they are grown, and others originating from a limited number of vineyards located in different villages, but with similar properties.

“Superstars” is a line of products highlighting the properties of single vineyards, with the grapes being processed separately in most cases. These are wines grown on certain high prestige vineyards which are part of the estate itself, or where direct control over the growing conditions is exercised by the company through its technical staff.